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About Us

Hs Upstream Bitcoin Network is one of the top international cryptocurrency mining platforms, providing its services to hundreds of clients around the world.

Our goal is always to offer the most advanced machines, lowest electricity price, stable mining and worry-free operation. Our team includes dozens of cryptocurrency mining professionals who take care of operations including machine service worldwide.

Hs Upstream Bitcoin Network Team - Cryptocurrency Mining Machinery Sales Company
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Jakub Hlavenka


Jakub Hlavenka

Experienced trader, founder of an export company in California. Through the contacts he has accumulated over years of doing business in the US, he secures attractive terms for hosting our machines in the US and UAE.

Michal Bílek


Michal Bílek

Over 8 years of experience in senior management of multinational companies. Specializes in the field of business, business development and online marketing. Seeks and delivers turnkey solutions for demanding clients.

Jáchym Petřík


Jáchym Petřík

Attorney and partner at Arrows ETL Global, an international law firm serving technology companies and clients doing business in the cryptocurrency and financial markets. He handles legal and business development matters for Hs Upstream Bitcoin Network.

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Strategic Partner

We became the Seed Group partners as the only crypto mining company in Europe. This company belonging to the Dubai royal family focuses on innovations and the latest technological development. The Group has branches in more than 12 countries and focuses on strategic partnerships with innovative developing companies striving to achieve prosperity and contribute to the happier and stronger global community.

Partner of Hs Upstream Bitcoin Network is SEED GROUP